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Suzuki Motor of America, Inc. is pleased to announce the 2013 Exclusive “S” Club! For 2013 Suzuki will recognize the top overall Suzuki dealers in the nation. Retail is the “DNA” of every Suzuki dealer and along with the eight (8) key Suzuki Bonus categories listed below ensures dealer profitability. The Exclusive “S” Club will recognize dealers who set the standard for excellence in Suzuki retail sales, plus other additional key Suzuki bonus programs. American Suzuki’s dealers who are awarded Exclusive “S” Club status will earn a trip to the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii as a reward for retailing Suzuki Motorcycles, ATVs and Scooters plus exceeding in the key additional support areas noted below. A reward for supporting Suzuki products and programs is a reward well earned! For 2013, Suzuki will reward a total of 31 top dealers nationally with Exclusive “S” club status in two categories.


Suzuki is extremely proud to recognize and honor those dealers who did the best job of meeting customer needs during every retail season. Suzuki does this with the Super Service Awards. Since customer satisfaction and loyalty are of the highest importance in today's business world, these awards are based primarily on the dealer's Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) score, which is derived mainly from the 15-Month Customer Satisfaction Survey results.

Every Suzuki dealer, regardless of size, location or facility sophistication, can qualify for a Super Service Award. Research and real-world observations show that sales volume and square footage do not necessarily equate to or guarantee superior service. Since it's the customers who always have the final word regarding business success, Suzuki leaves it to them to determine which dealers should earn the Suzuki Service Award.

Currently, any dealer achieving a CSI score of 90 or better on their 15-Month survey in a given retail year as well as meeting a few other Suzuki business qualifications, will earn a Suzuki Service Award. Your Suzuki Technical Service Manager (TSM) is standing by to help you identify and make any necessary improvements to attain award status. Meeting the above criteria secures the Suzuki dealer a Super Service Award¬ one of the most prestigious awards in the industry, instantly recognizable as a sign of outstanding dealer service. A Super Service dealer is presented with an attractive, custom-designed, laser-engraved plaque, as well as a distinctive, frameable presentation certificate and a press release that can be used for marketing purposes.

This award represents a great achievement for the dealership and its service staff, something that can be proudly displayed as well as used for promoting the dealer's capabilities with customers and product. A Suzuki service award winner is also spotlighted in Suzuki News, the dealer newsletter, raising pride and competition among peers.


Suzuki decorates the best of the best with the Cutting Edge Award, presented to the top CSI scoring dealer within each Suzuki service district who also achieves retail sales within at least 10 percent of the national average. The Cutting Edge Award was created to acknowledge dealers who far surpassed the already high standards of the Super Service Award. The Cutting Edge Award consists of an eye-catching, highly distinctive Katana sword set, special staff lapel pins and a large plaque that is usually presented on stage before the entire Suzuki dealer body at the Suzuki Annual Dealer Meeting and New Model Introduction.

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