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30th Anniversary

September 27, 2012

30th Anniversary

1983 Suzuki LT-125

1983 Suzuki LT125

In 1983, Suzuki introduced the world's first production 4-wheel ATV, the memorable Suzuki LT-125. Dirt Wheels magazine wrote, “…try one of the LT-125s down at your local Suzuki shop. It's exactly what you've been looking for.” The pioneering 4-wheeler transformed the rapidly growing ATV industry and signaled the beginning of Suzuki’s ATV “wonder years.”

1984 Suzuki LT50

The first youth ATV, Suzuki’s LT50 opened up the world of off-road exploration to family’s and young riders, expanding the potential for enjoying these great machines and the great outdoors.

1985 QuadRacer 250

The world’s first 4-wheel ATV equipped with a 2-stroke engine, the QuadRacer 250, was a high-performance 4-wheeler built around the Suzuki RM250 motocross bike. Unprecedented sporty features – long-travel suspension, low weight, snappy power, precise steering, manual clutches, kick starter, hydraulic disc brakes, aluminum wheels – upped the sports and recreation potential.

1986 QuadRacer 500

With the largest displacement of any ATV out there, the 1986 QuadRacer 500 was at the cutting edge of Suzuki’s leading technology. A milestone in ATV development, this model is the grand-daddy of high-performance sport quads.

1987 Suzuki LT-4WD

One of the most innovative machines ever in this market, the Suzuki LT-4WD the first with independent rear suspension, the first with high/low/super-low range gearing, and the first with differential lock.

1991 KingQuad – The original KingQuad

The 1991 KingQuad, one of Suzuki’s most notable ATVs, later became the basis for Suzuki’s current 4x4 model dominance. Engineers added a number of features to the LT-4WD to produce the King: engine displacement enlarged from 246cc to 280cc, a locking front differential, larger tires and a standard oil cooler.

2002 QuadSport Z400

By far the sportiest ATV then on the market, the QuadSport Z400 featured torque-loaded performance that expanded Suzuki's performance heritage with a state-of-the-art liquid-cooled aluminum alloy DOHC 4-valve engine. The QuadSport Z400 kicked the industry's high-performance ATV racing segment into high gear and increased rider participation.

2005 KingQuad 700

With the industry's first electronic fuel-injection system, this ATV earned numerous “ATV of the Year” awards. The industry-leading engine displacement, high performance and innovations made the KINGQUAD 700 a very important product in Suzuki's ATV history.

2006 QuadRacer R450

This radical racer – also featuring Suzuki fuel injection – embodied an entirely new concept: an industry-first “race-ready” design with the race-proven RM-Z450 engine. The QuadRacer R450 delivers power smoothly over a wide band, with class-leading handling for riders interested in ATV motocross racing.

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