Camp Carmichael

2014 Camp Carmichael

Camp Carmichael will return for the 3rd straight year! Suzuki’s Camp Carmichael is a unique and exclusive opportunity for Suzuki racers only. Racers who sign up for the 2014 Contingency Program will be competing for the opportunity to earn their spot for a two-day riding school with Ricky Carmichael. Suzuki will also be helping out with the rider’s travel costs. Suzuki amateur racers will have the opportunity to get riding tips from the GOAT himself on how to improve their corner speed, perfect those holeshots, blitz through the whoops and improve their speed and style through rhythm sections. He’ll also cover topics such as fitness, training and bike set up. Suzuki’s Camp Carmichael is the only place where you can get this special one on one instruction with RC, and it’s only for Suzuki riders!

See the 2013 Camp Carmichael video HERE

How do you earn your spot? 24 racers are invited (12 - RM-Z250/450 Riders and 12 - RM85/L Riders). Race any of the 2014 Suzuki Motocross Contingency Races, and place in the top 5.

2014 Points System:

  • 1st place - 10 Points
  • 2nd place - 7 Points
  • 3rd place - 5 Points
  • 4th Place - 3 Points
  • 5th Place - 1 Point

2014 Motocross Contingency Leaderboards

Suzuki's Camp Carmichael is a unique and exclusive opportunity for Suzuki Contingency Racers.

RM 85 Class Leaderboard 
1 C. Carsten Bayville, NJ 201
2 H. Hodges Deland, FL 144
3 C. Yentzer Carlisle, PA 120
4 D. Kozel Harrisonburg, VA 81
5 L. Orgill Snohomish, WA 77
6 R. Weimer Oakland, MD 75
7 C. Groves Goldsboro, MD 70
8 R. Blue Spartanburg, SC 62
9 C. Conner Tahlequah, OK 59
10 A. King Elizabethtown, KY 56
11 B. Dyess Port St. Lucie, FL 55
12 B. Smith Manahawkin, NJ 49

RM-Z250 / RM-Z450 Class Leaderboard 
1 B. Carsten Bayville, NJ 588
2 J. Cook Elizabethville, PA 337
3 A. Alford Danville, VA 314
4 G. Dickson Weatherly, PA 300
5 R. Bentley Pittsburgh, PA 214
6 B. Robinson Alexandria, NH 196
7 B. Stepp Steelton, PA 151
8 D. Yohe Spring Grove, PA 149
9 M. Giovanniello Manville, NJ 123
10 J. Groff Myerstown, PA 103
11 J. Brusseau White Lake, MI 104
12 B. Milstead Perris, CA 89

Points are current as of August 31, 2014

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