Motocross Contingency

2014 Motocross Contingency Program

MX Contingency

With the razor sharp handling of the RM-Z models to choose from, it’s an easy choice to race a Suzuki. To be eligible for the program, all you need to do is complete the online registration. Once you are accepted into the program, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Then, once you race a specified event on the Suzuki Contingency payout schedule and place in a paying position, you will receive a Suzuki Awards card in the mail. It is that simple. Just register, race, win, and get paid.

Spending your contingency money is simple; when you earn money with the Suzuki Contingency program you will receive one of our Suzuki Contingency Awards Cards. Money will be added to your card throughout the year as you compete and win races. Amateur and professional riders can spend their money at any authorized U.S. Suzuki dealership.

Suzuki's Camp Carmichael

Suzuki's Camp Carmichael is a unique and exclusive opportunity for Suzuki Contingency Racers. More details to come soon!

The 2014 Suzuki Contingency registration will be active from 1/24/2014 thru 10/31/2014. A new registration is required each and every year.

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