Professional rider on closed course competition.

Team WBR's Brian Gray gets Top 20 at High Point

May 28, 2006

Mt Morris, PA, High Point Raceway – May 28, 2006 - Under a scorching Pennsylvania sun, WBR sole rider Brian Gray took to his Suzuki RM-Z250 for the second time in team colors. With Ryan Morais still out on non-race related medical and Ryan Sipes still recovering, Gray once again carried the weight of the team with only a full week of practice.

The morning qualifiers found Gray in 14th across the finish relegating him to the LCQ. Here he battled with Tucker Hibbert in second place for the holeshot, and continued around the track holding that position sending him to the first moto.

With poor choice of gate pick, Gray was fairly far back in the pack at the start of the first moto. He picked off riders one by one and marched up to 19th place at the finish.

The second moto gave Gray a better gate pick and he was off the blocks in 9th place. He powered out the first few laps in this position, but couldn’t hold it the whole race. He was overtaken and slipped back to finish 17th. Gray placed in the top 20 overall for the day.

"The bike is getting closer to what I want," Gray said. "The motor is great and I really like the bike overall. We're still working on getting the suspension dialed in. A couple of weeks of practice before Southwick will help a lot."

Team owner Brad Williams is confident in the new recruit: "We are really excited about Brian. He is a talented rider and already is a great addition to our team. He's just come off winning both the Pro and Premier Pro Championship titles in the Western 4-Stroke MX Nationals. With some more practice time before the next race, Brian should be comfortable enough on his bike to really let 'er rip."

Ryan Morais is expected to be re-joining the team at the Massachusetts venue on June 11th. Coming off his injury, he's starting back on the bike and is eager to help Gray out. Ryan Sipes should be able to step back into his role by Budds Creek. Fingers crossed!

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