June 1, 2012

Fox Racing is proud to present the new Ricky Carmichael Riding Tips video as part of the Ricky Carmichael University curriculum. Ricky Carmichael continues to share some of his riding secrets that have propelled him to win more major championships (15 titles) and more races (over 150) than anyone, making him the winningest rider in both categories in AMA history.

In this episode, Ricky Carmichael helps dial in your rutted corner technique through these key points:

- Pick a smooth line.
- Neutral body positioning on entrance.
- Transition to sitting just before the corner apex.
- Leg comes up as you sit down.
- All braking is done before you start turning.
- Roll on the throttle just past the corner apex.
- Lean forward during acceleration out of the corner.

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