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January 14, 2007

Team Suzuki Press Office – January 14, 2007.

Ricky Carmichael raced to second place in Saturday night’s AMA Supercross Championship second round in Phoenix, Arizona after an exciting battle with James Stewart.

The Makita Suzuki RM-Z450 rider was less than a second behind the Kawasaki man after 20 intense laps of the Chase Field Stadium that saw the duo lap all but four riders.

The Main Event was red flagged after a heavy crash by David Vuillemin, but on the restart, Carmichael shadowed Tim Ferry into the opening corner ahead of Stewart and then took the lead before the next turn.

Carmichael dominated for seven laps until Stewart cut through, the pair having opened up a 10 second gap on third-placed Chad Reed. They began lapping riders from there onwards, eventually putting more than 30 seconds between them and Reed at the flag.

Makita Suzuki’s Ivan Tedesco – still recovering from a broken hand – was the final rider to be lapped, finishing with a hard-fought seventh position.

Said Carmichael: “I gave it 100% tonight but I got my butt kicked. James had some awesome lines tonight and it was really close. I’m real proud of my Makita Suzuki team which has been working really hard. They stepped up to it tonight and the Suzuki engine is superb.”

Main Event: 1 James Stewart (Kawasaki), 2 Ricky Carmichael (Makita Suzuki), 3 Chad Reed (Yamaha), 4 Travis Preston (Honda), 5 Tim Ferry (Kawasaki), 6 Michael Byrne (Suzuki), 7 Ivan Tedesco (Makita Suzuki), 8 Kevin Windham (Honda), 9 Nick Wey (Honda), 10 Heath Voss (Honda).

AMA Supercross Points (after 2 rounds): 1 Stewart 50, 2 Carmichael 44, 3 Reed 40, 4 Preston 36, 5 Ferry 32, 6 Byrne 26, 7 Wey 26, 8 Windham 25, 9 Voss 24, 10 Tedesco 21.

World Supercross Points (after 4 rounds): 1 Stewart 92, 2 Carmichael 91, 3 Reed 85, 4 Ferry 66, 5 Preston 55, 6 Wey 54, 7 Vuillemin 53, 8 Voss 47, 9 Gibson 39, 10 Carpenter 38.

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