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May 30, 2006

Team Suzuki Press Office – May 28, 2006.

Team Makita Suzuki Racing’s Ricky Carmichael captured his first AMA Toyota Motocross victory of the season in front of an enthusiastic crowd at the 30th running of the High Point National in Mt. Morris.

In the afternoon’s first 30-minute moto, Carmichael got an excellent start on his Makita Suzuki RM-Z450 and led the first couple of laps. Despite being passed mid-moto, he continued to charge hard and battle for the lead throughout the race and with just four laps remaining, Carmichael’s challenger James Stewart (Kawasaki) made a mistake and went down.

“I feel bad for James,” said the defending AMA Motocross Champion. “I know some people say you should take the win no matter how you can get it but no one wants to see a rider crash. James and I had a killer race going out there and I just hope we can have as good a race in the second moto.”

Carmichael was more than prepared for the second 30-minute moto of the day. He got a great start and went on to create a gap over the field and led every lap to a well-deserved victory. By the race’s end, Carmichael was approximately 30 seconds in front of second place.

“I was just out there having a good time,” said Carmichael. ”The Makita Suzuki RM-Z450 was working good and I was doing my best and trying my hardest. I could hear all the fans cheering me on and keeping me going. I was out there pounding out the laps, prepared to do battle. High Point is the closest motocross race to my home in Florida and I grew up racing minibikes here so I feel like this is my home track. It was a great day for me and a great day for the Makita Suzuki team.”

Results: 1 Ricky Carmichael (Suzuki) 50 points, 2 Chad Reed (Yamaha) 44, 3 Davey Millsaps (Honda) 40, 4 David Vuillemin (Yamaha) 34, 5 Nick Wey (Honda) 31, 6 Travis Preston (Honda) 29, 7 Jeff Demuth (Honda) 27, 8 Jeff Summey (Honda) 25, 9 Robbie Reynard (Honda) 23, 10 Jason Thomas (Honda) 19.

Championship Points (after 2 rounds): Carmichael 95, 2 Reed 86, 3 Vuillemin 68, 4 Millsaps 63, 5 Preston 62, 6 Wey 60, 7 Stewart 47, 8 Windham 47, 9 Summey 43, 10 Demuth 39.

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