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Sun, Sand and more Sand in Southwick – 13th overall for Team WBR’s Brian Gray

June 10, 2006

Southwick, MA – June 11, 2006 – Round Three of the AMA Motocross Championship in Southwick, MA was preceded by a week of nonstop rain. But on Sunday, the skies cleared for the 20,000 New Englanders that showed up for the event. Motocross 338 was celebrating its 30th year of racing and decided to turn the tables and reverse the course just to make things interesting.

With veteran riders Ryan Sipes and Ryan Morais still out on medical, it was up to newly signed Brian Gray to carry the day. Going into the notoriously grueling event, Gray was nonchalant: "Coming from Florida, I'm used to the sand as well as the heat."

Everyone was spared a scorcher like last year. Instead riders were greeted with a beautiful fall-like day with temps in the high 60's. But there was still all that sand to contend with plus a track as rough as it gets.

The day started with tough luck for Gray in his heat race. He crashed and went to the LCQ. There he had a strong performance taking a fourth, but that left him with a poor choice of starting gate.

Moto One: A poor start put him in the catch up position. And catch up was what he did throughout the whole race. From about a 30th start, he aggressively worked his way up to finish 15th.

Moto Two: A better starting position still caught Gray in the tail end of the pack at the first turn. He got on the gas and once again picked his way through the pack and pulled out an impressive 14th second moto score, and a 13th overall for the day.

"We're really proud of Brian," team manager Tony Sulek commented. "He's brand new on this bike and he's come a long way in a month. We had a lot of problems getting the Suzuki RM-Z250 dialed in for him the way he likes it. Now that we're there, it's just a matter of getting him the practice time. He's looking really good right now. "

"I'm ok with this race," Gray said. "I like the bike and I'm getting used to it. Everyone has worked really hard to get it set up just the way I want it. Reversing the track made the turns tough and off camber, but the track was great – lots of deep ruts – it was fun and I felt good out there."

Next week it's Father's Day in Budds Creek, MD.

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