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February 13, 2006

Team Suzuki Press Office – February 12, 2006.

New Team Suzuki signing Steve Ramon and Kevin Strijbos both recorded encouraging results at the Starcross International Motocross in Mantova, Italy today; a traditional season-opening event and the first of several ‘warm-up’ meetings before the MX1 World Championships begin in Zolder on April 2nd.

The team travelled from their French testing base down to the popular Mantova course, and in bright but chilly conditions, 20-year-old Strijbos took second overall behind World Champion Stefan Everts with two third places and a seventh.

Ramon was unable to break into the top 10 during the first race but his debut for Team Suzuki finished well as he collected second and third positions in the remaining races.

Moto 1: 1 Sebastien Tortelli, 2 Stefan Everts, 3 Kevin Strijbos (Team Suzuki) , 4 Brian Jorgensen, 5 Tanel Leok, 6 David Philippaerts, 7 Stephen Sword, 8 Tyla Rattray, 9 Javier Garcia, 10 Rui Goncalves.

Moto 2: 1 Stefan Everts, 2 Steve Ramon (Team Suzuki) , 3 Kevin Strijbos (Team Suzuki) , 4 Javier Vico Garcia, 5 Stephen Sword, 6 Alex Salvini, 7 Chris Beggi, 8 Brian Jorgensen, 9 Tyla Rattray, 10 Tanel Leok.

Moto 3: 1 Stefan Everts, 2 Javier Garcia, 3 Steve Ramon (Team Suzuki) , 4 David Philippaerts, 5 Tyla Rattray, 6 Tanel Leok, 7 Kevin Strijbos (Team Suzuki) , 8 Alex Salvini, 9 Antonio Meo, 10 Bas Verhoeven.

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